Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A love letter to Borax

Dear Borax,

You're amazing. Really. Sometimes I am just astounded to see my shirts come out completely spotless after a fearsome encounter with coffee and the invisible hole in my lip. You also have the best name in commercial cleaning products out there. And the history behind you! You were dragged out of the desert by donkey carts!

I've always been messy. My mother nicknamed me "Messy Molly" when I was a little, perhaps after the incident where food was ending up in my hair (I was probably 5). In fact, it is highly possible that I have some mashed potatoes on my shirt right now. But with Borax by my side and in my washing machine, I no longer have to curse my existence when shirts that have been washed still have stains on them. And trust me, I've tried it all, to hide my secret shame of klutziness.

Your devoted friend,

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